We're all about Scooters

Owner Dave Boyd and his son Brian

Owner Dave Boyd and his son Brian

Until recently, scooters were mocked more than appreciated. While motorcycles and bicycles were viewed as the football jocks of the two-wheeled world, scooters were relegated to debate team status, the geek-cousins of mopeds, seemingly ridden only by medieval history professors and quiet accountant types with a strong preference for brown-bag lunches.

But during 2008, when gas prices purged wallets and caused drivers to plot simple errands with the meticulousness of military planners, scooters suddenly vaulted in status. They became smart, fuel-efficient alternatives to cars and even motorcycles.

Sales jumped 24 percent from the previous year. Scooter sales were especially brisk in major metro areas for establishing nationwide trends and reshaping images.

And now, as a result, not since Jimmy Cooper rode a GS Scooter in the Who’s Quadrophenia have the words “cool” and “scooters” been used in the same sentence.